What are the major advantages of credit cards in 2022?


1.45 days of interest free loan period of money used on credit card

Most credits cards provides 45 days of interest free amount on your transaction that you have done and many cards gives you at least 30 days of time period to pay your amount back suppose that you have done a transaction on 5th of this month then in this case the bill will be generated and due date will be the 5th of next month if you card offers you 45 days of time then the bill will be generated in 30 days and the due date will be 15 days after the bill is generated.


When you purchase something using your credit card the credit card company will give you reward for spending the amount using their credit card this value of reward will vary according to the bank and the type of your credit card that you use the approx value that every bank provides as reward for there customer is 1% to 5% the form of the reward is mostly in voucher and gift cards you can easily redeem that reward points in your credit card application.

3.offers and discounts on credit card

You have already seen and noticed that most of the online shopping sites provides huge discount on many credit card companies during sales if you have the cretin credit card in which the offer is going on you can claim offer using that credit card movies offers are also going on in which credit card companies provides offers like 2+2 movie tickets and 1+1 movie tickets you can take benefit if you have the credit card of that bank which the offer is going on

4.help to build your credit score 

Credit card is also a major way to increase your credit score because in this you take a interest free loan form bank and return it in time so,the trust of bank is maintained as credit score now the question what are the benefits of having a good credit score.credit score helps you to get instant approval of loans like personal,home,card etc.so its a major way to increase your credit score.

5.purchase insurance on credit card

Purchase insurance is very important because if you mostly shop from online sites and you receive wrong or defective product then the credit card company gives you purchase insurance it is provided by mostly bank but you have to once check there terms and conditions this is a must have thing in your credit card because it helps you to recover you lost amount in wrong or defective product.

6.credit card is accepted everywhere 

In 2020,most of the shopping sites and places will accept credit cards as payment methods so you don’t need to worry about paying with a credit card. Now you can easily pay your expenses using your credit card without any transaction failure  and  it is a good replacement for cash.

You can earn reward points using your credit card.

7.track your expenses and helps to manage

By using a credit card you can easily track your expenses because every transaction is noticed in your bill and statement This can manage  Your budget on a monthly basis.

8.no need of carrying money

You don’t need to carry cash in  every time because you have a credit card you can swipe and easily use anywhere and you don’t need to pay  at a time you will get 45 days of period. if you don’t have cash it won’t be stolen by anyone because you are using your credit card it is a major benefit of a credit card.

9.interest free cash withdrawals on atms using credit card

 now  a days  most of the credit card companies are providing free  interest free  cash withdrawals  so in case  the merchant is not allowing you to use a credit card you can easily withdrawal money from any nearby ATM and use cash the cash you have withdrawal is interest free and credit card company won’t charge anything from you you can easily pay that amount in 45 days of Return period about that you have withdrawal from the ATM will be adjust in your next credit card statement.

10.extra rewards on joining 

Most of the credit card companies give you a joining bonus as  joining reward  which is approximately 500 to 2500 rupees which is In a form of voucher or reward points The watcher will be mailed to your  registered email id and phone number if you spent there minimum criteria of amount that they are given in your joining letter.

11.Emi facility on credit card

Now suppose that your bill is generated approximately 50000 rupees and you don’t have that amount to pay  and the bill is generated now there is a feature called EMI  now you can turn your 50000 rupees to EMI which you can pay easily to 12 months,24 months,36 months.

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